What is the link between muscles and attraction they cause in women?

It is the year 20XX and yet one thing still holds true to this day, women are still attracted to men who have large muscles. See what I did there with the year? I left two XXs on the end, that means you can be reading this post during any year in the two thousands and this fact will still be true. What I should of done though is left all digits as Xs, meaning that women will be attracted to and fall in love with strong men forever. Lots of men want to know the real truth, do girls like muscles or is that just a saying that has been spread so much and so often that it is now regarded as truth? Well there is good news, and bad news. If you’re a fit, ripped, jacked, strong, muscular, or in shape man, the news is very good for you. If you’re a weak, scrawny, shrimpy, small, skinny man, well then the news for you is not so good my friend. 

Numerous studies and polls have been done and taken on the subject of what attracts a woman to a man. The same exact answers seem to keep coming up each time no matter where the study is done. These common answers are not always about a physical feature in a man. For instance, lots of women report wanting a man who is “warm” and “sensitive” and not to mention “caring” and “understanding.” While it is not this authors job to tell any woman what is reasonable to want in a man, it is my job to report what the vast majority of women say they want physically in a man. 

Number 1. Muscles (abs, biceps, calves, etc.)

Number 2. Nice Smile

Number 3. Good Skin and Hair.

Number 4. Big Hands

Number 5. Broad Shoulders

Number 6. Strong Legs

Number 7. Nice Butt

Number 8. Short Nails

Number 9.  Big P***s

Number 10. Strong Forearms

If you take a close look at what the women who were questioned in polls and surveys have to say about what they find sexy on a man, you will see that what tops the list, and is reoccurring in the list in various ways, has to do with being strong. Good thing for all those small guys we mentioned early, you remember which ones, the ones that are suffering the bad news because of the results, yeah those guys can go from scrawny to brawny by building muscle. With all that being said, stop wasting time, and start trimming your waist. Lift hard, lift long, and get strong. Do P90X if you have to, go to the gym 5 times a week if you have to, but mainly take care of yourself, and the attraction from women will take care of itself.